CrossDJ Free

CrossDJ Free 1.7.1

A free DJ app that's great for beginners


  • Clear interface
  • Good beat detection
  • Features effects and cue points


  • No recording or midi controller support


CrossDJ Free is an excellent digital DJing app, letting you blend your music files together in a continuous, synchronized mix.


With a clear, light grey interface, CrossDJ Free looks good. There are two decks, with waveforms displayed for each. Above the decks both waveforms are shown together, so you can easily see how beats match up. There are quite a lot of controls squeezed into CrossDJ Free's interface, but they are all useful. Each deck has cue and play controls, and you can save up to six play locators for each track.

Beats per minute are automatically calculated, and can be changed if incorrect. We found the beat detection to be as good as most mixing apps - when CrossDJ Free sets the wrong first beat of a bar, it's really easy to correct too. Controls are mapped to your keyboard, although in this version you cannot edit them yourself. This version doesn't allow recording or the use of midi controllers.

Great for beginners

Professional or experiences DJs will miss the more advanced features not available in CrossDJ Free. However, it's an ideal application for learning digital DJing, and an excellent free option! With some practice you can create excellent sounding mixes making it perfect for parties.

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User reviews about CrossDJ Free

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Terribly designed program, with zero support.Do not buy!.
    Terribly designed program, with zero support.Do not bu...   More